Никогда не буду хипстером. Быть хипстером - это мейнстрим.
Every day I'm shuffling.
You can't shuffle. Do you know why?
Because I am GOD.
You're a TROLL.
I thought I was a human. Pity.
Now you know the truth, son.
Yes, I do. Fear is a representation of the feeling of no escape.

You said that you were mostly human before.
Mostly. Not completely.
Do you know anything about computers?
Hell yeah, I am a PC!
Oh Great! You are a PC!
That's right. And I love porn.
Me too. Favourite kind?

Will you let me leave or not?
Bismillah! No, we will not let you go.
You are awesome! :D.
Awww, thanks ^^.
You are welcome.

@темы: любить, обожать, уважать :3, на "поржать", нагло потащено, своего не держим, ороро~, подборки, подборки, смищнявки, господа!